Birth Matters offers choices by providing information, recent scientific insights and figures on birth care.

Birth Matters is a website for young women, future or brand new parents, student midwives or midwives with many years of experience. is a website full of scientific articles, rewritten in ‘human language’. It also features strong birth stories and warm birth photography. is a guide to the choices within the process of pregnancy, birth, maternity period, … It shows what possibilities are available within birth care and helps you to see the wood for the trees again. is a positive place where women are inspired and strengthened to make their own choices confidently. Because let’s be clear: there is not 1 right way. Every woman can look for the path that suits her. Think of it as a flexible path according to her wishes, depending on how she stands in life and what she is looking for.

Who are we?

Our story starts with the love of our job. And what a job! 
Midwife, that’s what you are, in heart and soul.

What a privilege it is to be able to inform young families, parents, women every day about their rights and possibilities. What a privilege it is to write a powerful birth story together with them, with respect for women’s autonomy.

We are all Belgian midwives, experienced in the autonomous accompaniment of births and united by our passion for midwife-guided birth care. For some years now, we have been trying to identify the needs of the midwives who guide birth autonomously. We are working step by step to provide a better framework for our profession, in a variety of areas. For us, communicating the importance of a midwife goes hand in hand with thourougly informing (future) parents. So we made our next project.

Birth Matters


I graduated in 1997 as a midwife in Leuven. After that I started working in a hospital in London (1997-1998). There I got a taste of midwiferyled care. Since 1999 I work as an independent midwife at Bolle Buik, Leuven. I am fascinated by the universal and timeless part of being a midwife in the constantly changing birth scenery of today. Besides being a midwife, I am also a mother of a large family.


After finishing my studies I worked as a midwife in London from 2009. In 2012 my story as an independent midwife started in Ghent. Today I mainly work behind the scenes of our practice ‘Geboren in Gent’ (Born in Ghent). Besides being a midwife, I am also mother of 3 children.


In 1993 I graduated as a midwife and after a lot of wandering around in various hospitals, I founded the midwife practice ‘Zwanger in Brussel’ (Pregnant in Brussels) together with a colleague in 2008. After 12 years of ups and downs as a self-employed midwife, I am still happy every day that our practice is there and that, together with an enthusiastic team of midwives, we can welcome new residents of Brussels! For years I have also been passionate about breast milk and in 2015 I graduated as a lactation specialist IBCLC.


Midwife in home care since 1985 with a preference for holistic and physiological birth care, not on the stake yet with my midwife herbal and homeopathic practice in Geboortehuis Inanna in Rijmenam. Mum of 5 sons and grandma of 5 grandchildren.


Lieve has been a midwife since 1979. She worked for 20 years in the ‘mother house’ in Geel and then became an independent midwife at the Birth Information Centre in Geel. Lieve helped to put breastfeeding back on the map. She stood up for the rights of women and their families in the fertile years. Lieve is also daughter, wife, mother of three sons and grandmother of 7 grandchildren.

How do we deal with this?

What became clear from the beginning: we are midwives. No website builders, no graphic experts, no journalists. “Shoemaker stick to your trade”, or “Midwife stick to your um… pinard”?

In order to communicate all this in a beautiful, readable and positive way, we let ourselves be surrounded by professionals. Professionals with a warm heart for our project who have gone in with great enthusiasm. And that feels good!

We provide the content for the website ourselves. For this we like to run a tight ship under our own steam. Everything that appears on the website, we want to be 100% behind it.

With, we hope to create a place where women can be inspired and empowered to confidently make their own choices. Because there is not one right way. Every woman can look for the path that suits her. And our website can be a guide to these choices.

Birth Matters


Do you also get excited about the idea that every (future) parent can experience his or her birth process in an informed and positive way? Would you like to help strengthen the midwife in her autonomy and put her work in the spotlight? Do you want the midwife students, the midwives of tomorrow, to have access to a broader view of Belgian birth care?

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