After giving birth to a star gazer, this mother does not anticipate a smooth, second childbirth. And yet, it turns out to be a birth beyond her wildest dreams.

My story is one that I could only have dreamt of, so perfect it has turned out to be. As my previous childbirth went very slowly and my son turned out to be a stargazer, I didn’t assume this birth was going to be easy or quick at all. And yet, a home birth has always been evident to me, as it makes me feel confident and at ease. Moreover, I have a firm belief in the ability of the midwife.

Around 8 a.m. the contractions started at a regular interval every 10 minutes. I experienced the contractions both in front and at the bottom of my belly, not at my sacrum like last time. This would develop in a completely different way. I called the midwife and my sister to take care of our son. In the mean time I tried to remain as calm as possible in my bed but soon I had to sit up to enable the baby to move.

Then I went to the yurt in our garden, where I wanted to give birth, because it soothed me and I felt in harmony with nature. I could sense our baby was about to enter this world. Moving on the ball I observed how a swarm of geese flew along, shrieking. This was definitely a good omen and the primeval feeling.

The midwife arrived around noon. She told me I was already 5 centimetres dilated. This felt great. Everything went much smoother this time.

As dancing would make the baby lower even better, my boyfriend and I started swaying very peacefully on the music.

He was my support whenever a contraction occurred. Eventually I also found the pole of the yurt in which I could squeeze as both support and counter pressure.

The bath was even better inflated by my boyfrined. Luckily there was still enough water today! The whole area had fallen out of water the previous day. So I had already reconciled myself to not being able to get into the bath. Sitting in the bath relaxed my belly, which was feeling hard and tense. The midwife remained in the garden the whole time though she offered me the privacy I wanted. 

My boyfriend’s sandwiches smelt too strong proving that my senses were really on edge. As soon as I experienced that burning feeling below, I understood that the contractions were really on their way. The midwife came to offer me support. After having pushed about four times I felt my waters break immediately followed by the birth of my baby. He actually came gliding through my legs. The midwife took him out of the water and placed him on top of me round 1.30 p.m.

Oh, what a wonder! This really is the most fantastic feeling on earth! And how intense it was again and all went so fast. Our second son was a gem!