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Midwives come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own specialty.
From students to doctors of midwifery, from the hospital to your living room, from a practice to Kind & Gezin.

Birth Matters

The founders of BirthMatters.be are all midwives, experienced in the independent accompaniment of births and united by our passion for midwifery guided birth care. Before conception, during your entire pregnancy, during labour and childbirth, throughout your entire breastfeeding adventure, during your first weeks in childbirth, but also up until your baby becomes a toddler: your midwife is there for you.

Midwives are trained to support you throughout your pregnancy. In addition to the medical follow-up, they excel at providing information. It’s our specialty: making sure that every woman, every couple can follow their path in a well-informed way.


Do you have a problem-free pregnancy?
Then your midwife can follow up on your pregnancy. She can carry out all the necessary medical checks: from taking the first blood sample, monitoring your blood pressure, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, to tenderly feeling your baby’s position in your belly. She works with your gynaecologist to make an ultrasound scan.

Midwives check for possible risks during every contact. This means referral to your doctor in case of doubt or suspicion of a complication.

Is your pregnancy not going so smoothly?
Even then your midwife can do a lot for you. On the one hand you may be receiving extra medical follow-up, on the other hand your midwife can provide a place to share your thoughts and feelings. She can teach you how to deal with any stress that comes along with it. She can help you relax and mentally prepare you for the future. Your midwife creates a place where there is time to take a break, ask questions, share your concerns.

Birth Matters


After a pregnancy without complications, your delivery can be supervised by your midwife. Calm and peacefully, following the pace of you and your baby, in the place where you feel safe. Your midwife will stay close by and will be able to monitor your whole process closely.

You can give birth in a hospital, at home, in a birthing home, … Talk to your midwife about your wishes!

Your midwife can also support you when you give birth in a medicalised setting. Talk to her about this and discover all possible scenarios.

Maternity period

New parenthood raises many questions and uncertainties. Your midwife will assist you during this period with lots of advice and useful tips. The medical follow-up of mother and baby, guiding the breastfeeding period, but also the support of your family during this transition is part of her expertise.

Pregnancy loss

A pregnancy doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to. Sometimes you are confronted with the loss of your baby. Whether the pregnancy loss occurs during the first few months or at a later time during your pregnancy, in every story your midwife can help you bear the grief.

Birth Matters

Where can you find your midwife?

Some midwives work alone, others group together and form a group practice. Take a look here (‘Call the midwife’) and find an overview of the midwives working in your neighbourhood. Contact us and let’s walk this amazing path together!

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