All pictures by Josefien Tondeleir

The Breast Feed is a website that was founded in 2020 by Josefien Tondeleir. Mum of Merel, love of Tom and photographer. Captivated by the beauty of breastfeeding, she decided to make a photo series in which the breastfeeding woman takes the center stage. After the first photo shoot it turned out that not only the image is interesting, but also the story behind it. Every story is unique and too valuable not to share. So she decided not to stick to a series of photos, but to let the women tell their story as well.

the breast feed
the breast feed

The Breast Feed primarily wants to highlight the beauty and naturalness of breastfeeding. It also hopes to educate women about breastfeeding through real-life stories. Finally, it aims to increase the visibility of breastfeeding and lower the barrier to breastfeed.

In addition to an online community, The Breast Feed also hopes to grow into a strong network of women that – as soon as it is allowed – can also physically meet and inspire each other.


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